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Boundary locations and cadastral information can be unique in nature. The surveyor’s role is to interpret, locate and record the most relevant evidence of the original boundary locations between land parcels. The purpose of a boundary survey is to determine the correct ownership in the land. This is achieved by the surveyor reviewing relevant documents, plans and government records in addition to interpreting site evidence picked up during the field survey.  

For more information on surveying services specific to boundaries, see below: 

Surveying residential estates.

The purpose of an identification survey (boundary survey) is to determine the true location of the boundaries of a particular property.

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Surveying backyard with big trees.

A subdivision is where one or more parcels are broken up into more parcels, whether that be land or units within buildings.

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Surveying a backyard.

Community Title Scheme surveys are commonly conducted for subdividing units and townhouses, however, can also be for subdividing land.

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Sonto Surveying a stadium perimeter.
A volumetric survey is the comparison of two or more topographical survey results conducted at different points in time. Volumetric surveys can be required for a number of reasons.

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Shovel in ditch.
An amalgamation of parcels is where two or more lots are combined to create fewer lots, without splitting any of the existing lots. There are two types of amalgamations that may be required.

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Surveying grassland.

Secondary interest surveys are commonly required when a landowner wishes to allow another landowner to utilise their own land for a particular purpose.

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Surveying parkland.

Resumptions surveys are required where construction authorities have the ability to resume land under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967  for particular purposes.

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Surveying on a verandah.
Lease of land surveys are required when leasing a portion of land from another entity.

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Surveying a basement.

Lease over part of a building is generally required when a lease is taken out on an area within a commercial property.

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