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Surveying is often described as the phantom art of the construction industry. The strongest foundations are redundant if it is built in the wrong place. Construction surveying is about providing accuracy in both extraction and placement of survey data. The surveyor’s role in construction is to ensure that the location of any form of structure is built in the pre-designed location.  

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Design surveys provide architects, building designers and engineers with accurate and relevant land and structural information to confidently design for the relevant project. The purpose of design surveying is to provide locally relevant land, spatial and building information to identify site features, details, contours and constraints so that designing can be carried out successfully.

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Boundary locations and cadastral information can be unique in nature. The surveyor’s role is to interpret, locate and record the most relevant evidence of the original boundary locations between land parcels. The purpose of a boundary survey is to determine the correct ownership in the land. This is achieved by the surveyor reviewing relevant documents, plans and government records in addition to interpreting site evidence picked up during the field survey.

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The development of land results in the creation of additional parcels of land. Development surveys use existing boundary and topographical data to reconfigure land parcels to allow for additional lots. It is then a surveyor’s role to register the interest of that land with the relevant department through a process of plan sealing.

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