Sonto offers 3D scanning solutions to accurately capture spatial, land, building and structural information and data.

The output produced from the 3D scanning surveys is a pointcloud data set which provides millions of data points that we then process and extract relevant information.

The information we extract from these pointclouds may include measurements, volumes, distances, areas, models or complex structures.

Our team of modellers are skilled in extracting the relevant information and producing plans or drawings that add value to the project.

We understand that 3D scanning is a relatively novel approach to surveying, but we understand that the most important aspect how our clients can benefit from the data. Furthermore, we have developed several outputs for our clients and are confident that our processing and modelling will provide a data set that improves the outcome to their projects.

Commercial surveying project.
Commercial surveying project.

Our 3D scanning is typically aimed towards Architects and Building Designers that promises greater efficiencies and cost savings for measure-ups and as constructed plans.

Using Revit software, we are able to provide digital information of the structure and landscape of a dwelling and deliver full building renders of existing as-built conditions. One of the key benefits of this type of service is that these documents provide a permanent record for immediate use during the design phase or for building maintenance and upkeep in the future.

We are continually testing solutions with the use of our 3D scanners, their applications and the output data sets for our clients.

Our determination to continually add value to our clients will produce the next generation of our 3D scanning services and offerings.

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