Amalgamation Surveys

An amalgamation of parcels is where two or more lots are combined to create fewer lots, without splitting any of the existing lots. See Land Title Act 1994 s. 50(1)(h)(i).

There are two types of amalgamations that may be required.

These include amalgamations over freehold land and crown (or state) land. Freehold land in most instances can be completed by a compiled plan and does not require a site or field survey. That being said if a client specifically requires pegs in the ground to know where the boundaries are or if there could be potential boundary disputes, a field survey would be required.

As part of this survey, should any structures be located close to the boundaries, we would always recommend a field survey be completed. This ensures all structures are fully contained on the subject parcel. The consequences encroaching on or outside of the parcel could result in the removal of the encroachment, an encroachment easement or reconfiguration of boundaries.

Shovel in ditch.
Surveying grassland.

An amalgamation of state land may be required for a number of reasons and an important aspect is the final tenure.

If the final tenure type is freehold, then all boundaries need to be surveyed and marked. If however the parcel is to remain as state land tenure and the lessee does not wish to know the exact extents of their lease, the boundaries will not need to be marked or surveyed.

An assessment will be made once the plans have been obtained to determine if the boundaries need to be surveyed or not and if a site or field survey is required. State land actions require a letter of offer from State Land Asset Management (SLAM) which should be provided to the Cadastral Surveyor. Where an amalgamation is being completed, no local government approval is required.

Once we have completed the requirements of the project, a plan of the survey is provided to the client for signing prior to lodgement with titles. Following this process, the amalgamation of lots is completed.

In simple terms, an amalgamation survey is used as supporting information to reduce the number of lots (two or more) by combining to create fewer lots, without splitting any of the existing lots.

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