Lease of Land Survey

Lease of Land Surveys are required when leasing a portion of land from another entity. A survey plan is required to locate the land to be leased in relation to the boundary of the subject parcel or lot.

If a lease of land is over freehold land and has been for a period of more than 10 years (including renewal options), then local government approval is required.

If a lease of land is over state land, national parks or state forests, approval from the Minister of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is required.

Some of the reasons we may be engaged to carry out a Lease of Land Survey are listed below;

    • Communications Towers
    • Transport Infrastructure
    • Sporting fields or any other purpose

Like Subdivision Surveys, historical searching and analysis of survey plans is required to determine how the cadastre (the boundaries) have evolved over time. Field work is completed followed by the preparation of a survey plan to be lodged with the lease documents, which are prepared by the solicitor.

Surveying from a balcony.

In simple terms, a Lease of Land Survey involves the survey of land to produce plans that enable the owning entity to lease part or all of the land to another entity.

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