Resumption Survey

Resumptions Surveys are required where Construction Authorities have the ability to resume land under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 for particular purposes. As part of this process a local government or other government body, can negotiate with the landowner to resume ownership of land for road, infrastructure or other purposes.

In most instances the resumption is to create new road, however, other types of resumptions can be required for easements or land.

In order to complete the Resumption Survey a plan of survey is required.

Unlike Subdivision Surveys, Resumption Surveys do not require local government approval due to the legislative requirement. Therefore, when a constructing authority is ready to proceed with the resumption, they simply engage a registered consulting Cadastral Surveyor. The surveyor then completes all the required searches, field or site surveys and prepares a plan for the constructing authority.

Surveying parkland.

In simple terms, a resumption survey provides spatial information on a plan that assists with constructing authorities to legally resume land for purposes relating to the particular function or outcome required for the project.

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