Community Title Scheme Survey

Community Title Scheme Surveys are commonly conducted for subdividing units and townhouses, however, can also be for subdivided land. A Community Title Schemes involves a subdivision of land or buildings and requires at least two lots and one lot of common property. The Community Title Schemes is generally used for subdividing higher density residential dwellings and in all cases they have common property, which is a shared space, however, can also relate to commercial, industrial and vacant land.

To carry out a Community Title Scheme Survey for land, the surveyor will complete a survey of land that is similar to a subdivision of land.

However, for a building survey, the Surveyor will be required to measure the internal dimensions of the constructed dwellings or lots, including the centre line of the walls for each unit. Depending on the finished structure, a surveyor may need to use a distance laser, 3D scanner or traditional survey equipment to complete the measurements.

To complete a Community Title Schemes a plan of survey and a Community Management Statement (CMS) is required. The CMS is a document that outlines the bylaws and other information and fuctions for the scheme. The CMS is generally composed and drafted by a solicitor or body corporate company. The CMS will also require a Service Location Diagram and an Exclusive Use Area Sketch – should the property include any exclusive use areas. Both the Service Location Diagram and Exclusive Use Area Sketch need to be prepared by a registered surveyor.

Surveying a backyard | Featured image for the Identification Survey page from the Sonto.

Community Title Schemes are often referred to as strata titling, however, in Queensland the correct terminology is Community Title Scheme.

In simple terms, a Community Title Scheme involves multiple surveys and produces several plans and sketches to assist with the subdivision of buildings or land with common property.

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