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At Sonto, we understand the critical importance of accurately identifying property boundaries. Our boundary identification survey services are designed to provide clarity and legal assurance, making them an essential service for property owners, developers, designers, builders and legal professionals. 

With our commitment to accuracy, strong understanding of regulatory requirements and exceptional customer service, we ensure every boundary is identified, marked and drafted with precision to ensure a high level of survey integrity. Every survey is carried out in compliance with relevant legislation to maintain the integrity of the cadastre with every plan being submitted to the Department of Resources.

Sonto are the surveyors Brisbane depends on for accurate and reliable surveys. Our extensive experience and innovative solutions are available to you and are only a phone call away. Call us now on 07 3186 5959, email us at or reach out via our online contact form.

What is a Boundary Identification Survey?

A boundary identification survey, also known as a property boundary survey or a cadastral boundary survey, determines the exact location of a property boundary and the extents of ownership or title.

These surveys are crucial for anyone looking to buy, sell, renovate, build, develop, or simply ascertain the extents of their property. A boundary identification survey plan serves as a legal document to settle disputes, plan developments, or establish land ownership with traceable accuracy.

Surveying residentail estates | Featured image for the Identification Survey page from the Sonto.
Surveying grassland | Featured image for the Identification Survey page from the Sonto.

Why Choose Us for Your Boundary Identification Surveys?

Expertise and Precision: Leveraging years of expertise and regularly serviced and calibrated survey equipment, our licensed surveyors deliver highly accurate boundary surveys. We strictly adhere to legal standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring your survey stands up in any legal context.

Customised Service: We recognise that each property is unique. Our team tailors every boundary survey to meet the specific needs and challenges of your property, ensuring all legal and physical aspects are thoroughly addressed. This might include identifying structures located over boundaries, potentially resulting in an encroachment.

Advanced Technology: Utilising the latest in total station technology provide precise and efficient property boundary survey solutions. Our equipment is maintained, serviced and calibrated regularly to ensure its accuracy and traceability.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to upholding our values of excellence and innovation in every project. Our focus on delivering exceptional customer service ensures a smooth experience from start to finish.

Applications of Boundary Identification Surveys

Property Transactions: Ensure the accuracy of property descriptions in legal documentation during buying or selling and potentially identifying encroachments during this process.

Construction and Development: Having a clear picture of the location of property boundaries to plan and execute construction projects without encroaching on neighbouring properties, potentially causing delays and cost overruns.

Dispute Resolution: Provide authoritative evidence in disputes over property ownership, land usage and encroachments.

Regulatory Compliance: Comply with development approval and building approval conditions that might require boundaries to be accurately located. This also includes satisfying the requirements from building certifiers to sign off on renovations or new construction.

Surveying a backyard | Featured image for the Identification Survey page from the Sonto.
Surveying grassland | Featured image for the Identification Survey page from the Sonto.

Our Process

  1. Consultation: We begin by seeking to understand the intent of the property boundary survey to focus our approach. Each client requirement might have site specific nuances that would change the survey approach.

  2. Research & Project Analysis: Our licenced surveyors conduct comprehensive research and analysis on the plans and documents gathered as part of the project analysis phase of the project.

  3. Field Work: Our skilled surveyors perform the necessary field surveys to locate and connect to known survey reference marks and tactfully reinstate the boundaries of any property. They’re meticulous in their accuracy and throughout the QA processes, eliminating any potential errors.

  4. Reinstatement and Plan Development: We process the field data and carry out the boundary reinstatement process. This process is carried out by the field surveyor and done to best practice methodology. This is followed by a thorough quality assurance process carried out by our licenced cadastral surveyor.

  5. Delivery and Support: Post-survey, we remain available to discuss any questions and provide additional support as needed. We are not lawyers and can only assist with information specific to the cadastral boundary survey. We know property specific lawyers we can recommend if required.

Choose Sonto for a Trusted Identification Survey Brisbane and Beyond

When it comes to defining the boundaries of your property, accuracy and professional integrity are paramount. Choose Sonto for the boundary identification surveys you can depend on.

Contact us today to ensure your property boundaries are defined with the highest level of service, accuracy and experience. You can reach us by calling 07 3186 5959, emailing or by submitting our online contact form.

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