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Design surveys provide architects, building designers and engineers with accurate and relevant land and structural information to confidently design for the relevant project. The purpose of design surveying is to provide locally relevant land, spatial and building information to identify site features, details, contours and constraints so that designing can be carried out successfully.

For more information on surveying services specific to boundaries, see below: 
Land Survey schematics.

Proposal plans are documents that show property boundaries including any infrastructure such as houses and sheds in relation to the boundaries along with the proposed development.

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Surveying on a verandah.
A contour and detail survey involves a site survey to plot all relevant detail from the subject site.

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Surveying residential estates.
The purpose of an identification survey (boundary survey) is to determine the true location of the boundaries of a particular property.

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Surveying backyard with big trees.
A subdivision is where one or more parcels are broken up into more parcels, whether that be land or units within buildings.

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Surveying on a hill.

Height surveys and certifications largely relate to surveying a finished floor level or roof height for a newly constructed structure.

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Surveying on a foggy day.

The purpose of an as constructed survey is to verify that construction or installation of a particular structure or service has been built or erected in accordance with the approved plans. 

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