Contour and Detail Survey

A contour and detail survey involves a site survey to plot all relevant detail from the subject site. This information is then collated and drafted into a contour and detail plan. Contour and detail surveys are largely used for design purposes by architects, builders, draftspersons, building designers and civil engineers. The level of detail required for each project may differ depending on the requirements and proposed outcome for the project.

For example, for residential renovation projects where an existing house is being retained and remodelled, detail of the dwelling is picked up which might include, but not limited to external walls, eaves, finished floor levels, window locations and rooflines.

By comparison, for a knock-down and rebuild, the level of detail picked up for the dwelling might only require the building footprint.

The contour and detail survey also identifies the existing topography for a subject site. The existing topography is generaly displayed as contours on a plan, however, also include spot levels for future reference by subsequent consultants, trades and contractors. The existing topography can be identified on Australian Height Datum (AHD) if required. Depending on the project, AHD is required for certification purposes, it can also help designers and engineers make decisions about the respective designs required for the project.

Surveying backyard from verandah.

In simple terms, a contour and detail survey extracts the land and building information from a particular parcel of land and plots that information on a plan.

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