As Constructed Surveys

The purpose of as constructed surveys is to varify that construction or installation of a particular structure or service has been built or erected in accordance with the approved plans. As constructed surveys include site surveys to locate existing structures or services. Often, as constructed surveys are required for certification purposes and can apply to residential builds, commercial buildings and services such as stormwater or sewage lines.

When new infrastructure services such as sewerage, stormwater or roads are planned, the local authority requires information such as location, pipe size, pipe type (materials used) and depth to maintain records and for future maintenance purposes.

This information is then kept on record and provided by Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to ensure when completing excavations a services is not disturbed or broken.

The as constructed survey then varifies the location of the construced structure or service. The location of the structure or service is then cross checked against the approved plans to identify any variances or discrepancies. Depending on the extent and nature of the variation, further action may be required to rectify the error.

Surveying on a hill.
Surveying on a foggy day.

As constructed surveys are also completed at the same time as an Identification Survey for renovations, extensions or other structures built close to boundaries.

hile as constructed surveys are beneficial for identifying the location of the completed structures, we’d recommend that for anyone building or constructing anything close to a boundary (within 1000mm) to talk to us about an Identification Survey before commencing any work. We can help avoid issues of encroachment at a later date.

A Form 16 – ASCON is included in all our as constructed surveys. This Form 16 is often required by the certifier to complete the final certification process. A Form 16 can only be completed by a Cadastral Surveyor.

In simple terms, an as constructed survey involves a surveyor locating a recently constructed structure or service to varify the location against approved design plans.

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